Your Well-being Plan
With Varidesk®
Your Well-being Plan
With Varidesk®

Employees who sit less and move more are likely to be happier and healthier than those who are sedentary all day*. Studies show that when sit-stand desks are made available in the workspace, people use them and they contribute to a significant increase in movement during the workday*.

That's why sit-stand solutions like VARIDESK® are a great addition to your well-being plan, because happy, healthy employees mean lower healthcare costs, fewer sick days and a more productive workforce*.

Studies Show That Sit-Stand Solutions Can:

improve overall health and well-being
increase productivity and Your bottom line
help decrease your medical costs
Well-Being Is The
Name Of The Game

The Cleveland Browns organization has created a culture where the employees are as healthy and active as the players. They consider VARIDESK to be an integral part of their robust well-being program.

Dee Vega, Cleveland
Browns Wellness Manager

"That's why the stand-up desk is so huge, because if

you can incorporate just standing: it makes a giant difference."


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By adding VARIDESK to your company's plan you can build a culture of well-being in the
workspace while increasing productivity and benefiting the bottom line. Here's how:

LOWER COSTS: Healthy, happy employees are less likely to miss work and more likely to be productive on the job.*

BETTER HEALTH: Reducing sitting time can lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and other chronic illnesses.*

PAIN RELIEF:Using sit-stand solutions at the office can provide relief from back pain and increase the probability of a pain-free workday by 80%.*

PRODUCTIVITY: Employees who spend part of their day standing experience improved brain function and can boost their productivity by up to 46%.*

RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION: A company culture that promotes health and well-being can attract new employees and help you retain current employees. *

The value of being able to move more at work with VARIDESK is clear.
Companies who add VARIDESK to their well-being plan see a morale boost in their workforce, find it easier to recruit top talent, and mitigate the risks of lost dollars associated with absenteeism, lower productivity, and increased medical premiums.*

It’s Easy and Affordable to help your employees enjoy the benefits of VARIDESK.
There are several ways companies can get more active while keeping costs down:

Well-being Participation Incentives:

If your well-being program offers points, dollars, and/or vouchers for employee participation, add VARIDESK to your plan as an incentive and encourage employees to use points toward the purchase of VARIDESK products. If your company offers a level or self-funded plan, you may use refund dollars to help offset the cost of purchasing VARIDESK for your employees.

Payroll Deduction Program:

If costs prevent you from providing sit-stand solutions to employees without a letter of medical necessity, give your employees the option to pay for VARIDESK with payroll deductions through our Employee Purchase Program. This approach encourages usage and makes it more affordable for employees and employers alike. Best of all, it allows you to provide a healthy and productive work environment at a minimal investment.


Enjoy significant savings when you purchase 10 or more VARIDESK sit-stand solutions. The more you buy, the more you save.

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For more detailed information and helpful facts about how sit-stand solutions can be an asset to your well-being program.

Find out what “House of Wellness” had to say about the benefits of VARIDESK and how sitting less and moving more at work is better for our bodies.
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*All studies can be found at https://www.varidesk.com/references