Giving a Sedentary Office
the Active Workspace Treatment
the client

Frontera Strategies is a leading provider of in-office diagnostic testing services. They bring heart, lung, vascular and neurological specialists into physicians’ offices to help accurately diagnose disease or identify a preventive course of action.

the project

Frontera's employees were asking for a more active, less sedentary office environment. Their office was designed in the traditional way with separate offices and workstations where employees were stuck sitting at a desk all day and largely cut off from their coworkers and team members. So, co-founder and partner Richard Baker went looking for a solution that would help him open things up, get people moving, and make it easier for them to interact and engage with each other.

the execution

First, Mr. Baker took a tour of the VARIDESK headquarters - a living, breathing product showroom and a great example of active workspace culture - and saw for himself how active office design could transform his company's environment. The minute he walked in the door and experienced the energy of the space, he knew he wanted to duplicate that same look and feel for Frontera. The VARIDESK team worked closely with them to provide a full office solution, and within 2 days had outfitted all 15,000 square feet of their space with sit-stand desks, benching, conference tables, accessories and more. Not only did the final design lead to increased employee movement and engagement, but it also fit perfectly with the industrial look of their new space.

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the result

Frontera's headquarters now reflects their commitment to health and wellbeing with a workspace that encourages employees to be more active. The redesign has created a company culture that's happier, healthier and more productive. Employees are now more active, more engaged, and more accessible to each other for collaboration and creativity. They find it's easier for them to take what they call “clarity breaks” where they stand up or walk around so they can clear their heads, work on new ideas, or just burn off some stress. The new sleek, modern workspace is also easy for them to adjust, reconfigure or move any time the need arises.

Richard Baker, co-founder and partner
I’m excited about how our employees as well as guests and clients are going feel when they come into our facilities
the details

Location: Irving, TX

Office: 15,000 sq ft

Workstations: 57 (including 12 private offices, 3 meeting areas, 1 conference room)

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