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the client

The Dallas Mavericks became a world-class organization under owner Mark Cuban. And while the players are on the court, the hardworking staff at their Dallas headquarters are the team behind the team.

the project

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was an early proponent of the open office concept because he likes the energy and collaboration it fosters. So, when it was time to update their offices, he wanted to elevate their environment by adding the latest in active office furniture and accessories. Health, fitness and wellbeing are an important part of the Dallas Mavericks culture, so they wanted their office to be an extension of that with a workspace that’s just as energetic and agile as the players.

the execution

We outfitted every single workstation with a full-size standing desk completely accessorized with standing mats, active seating, monitor arms and more. Plus, we provided overhead LED lighting and standing conference tables that encourage focused, lively meetings. With the finishing touches of an adjustable LED task lamp and a compact, moveable storage cabinet, each workspace is equipped for maximum comfort and productivity. Thanks to the versatility of VARIDESK® products, we were able to accommodate all the different types of offices and tasks that make up the Mavs organization.

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the result

VARIDESK gave the Mavs the dynamic office environment they were looking for where each employee has a workspace that keeps them active and comfortable throughout the day. Sit-stand desks were the key element in creating the Mavs’ active office, but by adding accessories we were able to provide every employee with a complete VARIDESK active workspace that gives them all-day head-to-toe benefits. For example, our VARIChair® gave employees another opportunity to stay active during the workday, allowing them to sit or lean at their desks, engaging core muscles and encouraging good posture.

Mark Cuban, Team owner
I’m a big believer in the energy that you feel when everybody can talk to each other, see each other just sharing each other’s successes … and obviously bringing VARIDESK in is just an extension of that.
the details

Location: Dallas, TX

Office: 2,745 sq ft

Workstations: 23

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