An Office Where Well-Being
is the Name of the Game
the client

An active work culture is an important part of the Cleveland Browns organization from the players to the front office staff. They wanted a partner to help them create a workspace that would support their goal of keeping employees healthy and happy throughout their entire workday.

the project

Dee Vega takes her job as Wellness Manager seriously and she’s always looking for ways to keep the Cleveland Browns’ staff in top shape, even when they’re not attending one of her high-energy workouts. She understands the long-term impact of seemingly small changes like standing and moving more at your desk. The organization wanted to honor their commitment to employee fitness by providing a workspace that encourages movement and helps them maintain the benefits of their regular workouts.

the execution

The Browns’ offices were outfitted with a mix of VARIDESK Cube Corner and Pro Series models, and each workspace was accessorized with an anti-fatigue standing mat. Their new setup allows employees with any type of office setup to enjoy the benefits of using a sit-stand desk solution. The office was set up with the new VARIDESK workspaces without the need for a complete overhaul or disruption of their daily business operations.

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the result

Employees in the Cleveland Browns organization feel valued and supported by an employer who truly cares about their health and wellbeing. By incorporating VARIDESK® products into their workspace and wellness program, they’ve further demonstrated their commitment to an active work culture that keeps their employees happy, healthy and productive.

the details

Location: Berea, Ohio

Office: 37,000 sq ft

Workstations: 95

Dee Vega, Wellness Manager
Having a VARIDESK is integral to the wellness program.
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