find the right fit
for your desk

We want to help you get the VARIDESK® that will fit your desk and make your workspace happier and healthier.

Start by measuring the depth and width of your current workspace.
Then find the category below that meets the needs of your workspace. Finally, choose a model that matches the width of your desk area.

(Under 24" Deep) | (Under 60.96 cm)

Outfitting a compact workspace or turning a sofa table into a flexible standing desk when you need to get some work done? These models fit spaces between 12" – 24" deep (30.48 cm – 60.69 cm) and are for laptop or tablet users.

(24" Deep) | (60.96 cm)

Cubicles or modular furniture systems typically have shallow work surfaces to conserve office space. "Computer Desks" or "Writing Desks" designed for a specific task also have a narrower surface. These models fit spaces 24" deep (60.69 cm) and up and can accommodate single or multiple monitor setups.

(27" – 30" Deep) | (68.58 cm – 76.2 cm Deep)

"Regular" or "Full-Sized" office desks range in depth and width based on the style. 30" x 60" tends to be a common size, but we recommend measuring to be sure. These models range from just under 27" to about 30" deep and come in a variety of series – some have a flat surface, some feature a lower keyboard/mouse area, and some models are designed for people 6’1" and taller.

(Over 33" Deep) | (Over 83.82 cm Deep)

"Corner Cubicles" or L-Shaped" desks are deep from the front edge to the back corner, but the sides can be narrow. These models have a narrow base and angled back edges to fit corners 33.5" (85.09 cm) and deeper. If you have an overhead shelf or hutch as well, you’ll want to measure vertically to ensure a proper fit for a fully extended VARIDESK with your monitors on top.