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VARIDESK ® is office furniture made simple. Our complete line includes sit-stand desks, meeting tables, seating, storage, and more. No markups. No long lead times. No hassle. Just the furniture you need for your space, made simple. With free space planning services, free shipping, and free installation** VARIDESK makes it easy to transform your office into an active, adaptable workspace.

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Furnish your space in days, not weeks or months
From standing desks to storage solutions to conference rooms, VARIDESK makes furnishing
your office simple.
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**Applies to the continental US only. Minimum order value: $5,000. Additional restrictions may apply.

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The VARIDESK…design is a pure delight. Being able to stand up at the push of a button is quick and convenient. Not having to manually lift the VARIDESK in order to work while standing makes me remember to use it more often. I enjoyed the convenient location of the power button so that the movement in raising or lowering the desk is smooth and easy. If you are a small person or have a physical disability, this would really help in the full utilization of the sit to stand VARIDESK. I would recommend a floor matt for knee and hip fatigue since I am encouraged to stand for longer periods of time with this desk system.

Jeff R, ProDesk 60 Electric Butcher Block

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I love this 40" VariDesk - standing all day is better than sitting all day!! This was easy to unpack - set-up and position right on the existing desk. It is quite heavy, so be prepared and have an extra hand to help unwrap, set up and position. I do recommend getting the standing mat though. Your feet will take a beating! But it is worth it, I feel more alert and fit at work now!!

Cindy, Cube Plus 40 Black

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I rate the desk excellent. It’s engineered very well. I got our helpdesk people to assemble it today. It’s durable and nice looking. Assembly tools come with it which is very nice. The finishes are great. The range of motion is very good from lowest to highest setting. The controls are well thought out. The speed in which it changes height is very good. It is a heavy piece which is fine. Assembly is very easy and in most cases, one person can assemble it. Being the first desk we assembled, it took about 30 minutes from unboxing until completion. I believe it can be assembled in 5 minutes once someone has assembled one before. Very nice quality indeed. Great product!

Pachil, ProDesk 60 Electric Butcher Block

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This stand up desk is the best idea!! I Love mine! No more sitting all day, feeling like I should get up and stretch a while. Now I can stretch and be totally comfortable while I am standing at my desk. If I want to sit, it is so easy to put it down to my chair sitting level. So easy to order. So easy to remove from the box and set on top of my existing desk! I couldn't have asked for a better ordering process, delivery, set up, and use of this amazing desk add on. On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) I give this desk and the company and the service they provide a 20. Yes, a 20. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Dina from Honolulu, Hawaii P.S. It is well worth the shipping charge to Hawaii. This desk add on and the active mat are a total thumbs up 👍

Dina, ProPlus 36 Black

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I was looking for something large enough to fit my laptop monitor and two other monitors (one turned portrait instead of landscape), this one does it! I actually like having one of the monitors turned portrait, because I use it like two monitors stacked, so it's like having four monitors all together. I wish I could attach a picture, because I haven't seen anyone use this with three monitors, but trust me, it just fits. My laptop is a 17" HP Zbook and both of my monitors are 23" HP EliteDisplay E232s. Note: It would not fit them all if both monitors were turned landscape. This is a great standing desk, and it's tall enough for me (I'm 6'2" with heels). It is a little more heavy/difficult to lift and lock in place with the weight of everything on it, but it's still do-able.

Queenlene, ProPlus 48 Black

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