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What if you could grow or upgrade your office easily, quickly and affordably, without sacrificing quality and design?

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Desks & Benching

Our QuickPro desks were designed to link, giving you the flexibility to configure the right layout for your hardworking staff.


Standing Conference Tables

Standing meetings are faster and more efficient, and that starts with your conference tables. Built in minutes, our conference tables take every meeting to the next level.



From seating to lighting to storage, we have the accessories to give your new office a cohesive, high-quality look and feel.


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Introducing QuickPro™ from VARIDESK®: High-quality office furniture, designed to be assembled without tools. It’s so simple and flexible, you can set up an entire office in hours, not days. From corner offices to benching to meeting rooms, QuickPro is the flexible office furniture solution that works for your space and your budget.

QuickPro reimagines how office furniture is sold, delivered and even set up, bringing the quality, simplicity and affordability of VARIDESK to office design. By cutting out the extra costs and constraints of traditional office furniture systems, it’s easy to create an office or a conference room for your unique needs, not someone else’s plan.

You design your new office. We’ll fill in the blanks.


Take It to the Next Level with VARIDESK

QuickPro products are designed to fit a variety of VARIDESK sit-stand desk solutions, letting you go from sitting to standing in seconds.

No Tools

Righty tighty, lefty loosey. There are no tools necessary other than our QuickGrip™ hand-bolts and your own two hands. Build and break down in minutes.

Make Connections

Link multiple desks into various configurations for your perfect office layout.

Cable Management

A variety of trays and openings built in help keep all your wires organized and out of sight.

Built to Work and to Last

All QuickPro desk products are built with durable laminate surfaces and powder-coated steel frames. It looks strong because it IS strong.

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