We're bringing our customer-centric approach to contract furniture. Our cleverly-designed active workspace furniture assembles in minutes, ships in days, and comes with our famous risk-free 30-day guarantee and no-hassle warranty. All at a low, transparent, direct-to-consumer price.

the varidesk®
active workspace

Traditional, static offices are a thing of the past. Today, companies and employees want an active workspace, and VARIDESK is leading the way. Our sit-stand solutions, active office products, and accessories help people reimagine their work environment and transform their office design.

We've made it simple to create a healthy, productive workspace that's as mobile, dynamic and adaptable as the people it supports.

it encourages movement

Employees who move more during the workday are healthier, happier, and more productive*. An active workspace creates a positive company culture that attracts the best talent.

it's flexible and adaptable

As businesses grow and change, their furniture should scale along with them. Our products allow you to move, rearrange, add on, and create new spaces quickly and easily.

it's easy to create

It should be simple for anyone and everyone to have an active workspace. What used to be complicated and expensive is now easy and affordable-but no less professional.

See how we helped The Shark Group create a happier, healthier office.

Top Full Office Solutions

Simple Structure

By controlling the manufacturing, and selling directly to our customers, we can come in well under the pricing of traditional office furniture companies.

Simple Pricing

We focus on a transparent business model. We don’t do “mystery” pricing sheets or hand you off to a dealer. The price you see is the price you get.

Simple Setup

Your hands are the only tools you need to build any QuickPro desk or table. No tools or expensive labor costs necessary, and no need to disrupt valuable business hours.

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Take It to the Next Level with VARIDESK

QuickPro products are designed to fit a variety of VARIDESK sit-stand desk solutions, letting you go from sitting to standing in seconds.

No Tools

Designed with our QuickGrip™ hand-bolts for tool-free assembly, every QuickPro product can be set up in just a few minutes.

Make Connections

Link multiple desks into various configurations for your perfect office layout.

Cable Management

A variety of trays and openings built in help keep all your wires organized and out of sight.

Built to Last

QuickPro desks and tables are made with industrial-grade materials like durable laminate surfaces and powder-coated steel frames.

our vision

Introducing QuickPro™ from VARIDESK®: High-quality office furniture, designed to be assembled without tools. It’s so simple and flexible, you can set up an entire office in hours, not days. From corner offices to benching to meeting rooms, QuickPro is the flexible office furniture solution that works for your space and your budget.

QuickPro reimagines how office furniture is sold, delivered and even set up, bringing the quality, simplicity and affordability of VARIDESK to office design. By cutting out the extra costs and constraints of traditional office furniture systems, it’s easy to create an office or a conference room for your unique needs, not someone else’s plan.

You design your new office. We’ll fill in the blanks.


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