QuickPro™ Corner

Fills the edges of the office

  • Incorporated cable management system
  • Can also easily accommodate a dual-monitor setup

Building a Foundation
The QuickPro Corner offers the most generous workspace of our desks and easily fills the edges of the office. It’s perfect as a standalone desk for a private office, or it can be linked with other QuickPro Corners to create a traditional modular setup. It also has various cable channels that are perfect for hiding wires and mounting monitor arms, freeing up even more space on your desk. Like all QuickPro products, the QuickPro Corner assembles in minutes. It can also easily accommodate a dual-monitor setup. Pair with the Pro Plus™ converter for a height adjustable solution.

  • Durable Butcher Block finish
  • Incorporated cable management system
  • Works seamlessly with various accessories, including storage cabinets, LED TaskLamp, and more
  • Pairs well with the Pro Plus™ converter

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