Taking On
the enemy of inactivity
Taking On
the enemy of inactivity

We believe everyone should have the flexibility to be more active at the office.
If you want to continue strengthening your body and mind at the workplace,
it’s time to meet VARIDESK, your office ally.
Studies have shown that more

decrease the risk of
heart disease and diabetes1

engage and strengthen
core muscles

help to prevent obesity2

Increase productivity3

VARIDESK standing desk solutions are the perfect way to add healthy habits to your day without changing your schedule or even your furniture.

Our sit-stand solutions can be used with your existing desks and office furniture, meaning no furniture replacements and no downtime in work

VARIDESK products come ready to use out of the box – simply open, place on your desktop, and get back to work

Our spring-loaded boost helps you go from sitting to standing and back again in just seconds

VARIDESK uses durable, high-grade materials designed to last a lifetime

In addition to keeping your body and mind more focused and active at work, VARIDESK sit-stand solutions can help to promote a pain-free workday. Studies have shown that lower back discomfort can be significantly reduced by sitting and standing at work when compared to simply sitting.4

We’ve seen real people find relief by changing the way they work, including a Vietnam War veteran named George G. After suffering from pain related to his training and deployment, he’s turned to VARIDESK to find relief for his back and joints.

“Knowing what I know now, I don’t think I would have been in as much pain as I am today if I had started using my VARIDESK 20 years ago. It really keeps lower back pain from becoming chronic back pain. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from muscular or skeletal pain.” - George G.

VARIDESK is an important, cost-efficient, and easy to use investment for any health-oriented office. Plus, it’s easy to find available VARIDESK products through GSA Advantage.

VARIDESK gives you the freedom to be more flexible, focused and fit at work. All of our products ship fast and free to the lower 48 U.S. States, and if VARIDESK isn’t a fit for your office, we’ll pick it up for free within 30 days, too.

Or call 1-800-207-2587
no assembly

No tools and no installation required

Built to last

VARIDESK uses the highest quality, rigorously tested materials, making your investment just as sturdy as our products

Ships fast and free

Most orders ship out in 24 hours

5Delivery times and dates are subject to change (as shipment depends on the operations of the carrier, and these may be affected by weather/shipping conditions, etc.), and are not guaranteed by VARIDESK, LLC.