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an active workspace is a
healthier, more productive workspace
an active workspace is a
healthier, more productive workspace

Making a small change – like standing more and sitting less during the day – can make a big difference. From improving work performance1 and increasing productivity to boosting energy and enhancing moods2, VARIDESK® standing-desk solutions are an easy way to get more done and feel better doing it.

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Raise productivity by raising your desk

Movement is energizing. Studies have shown that standing-desk users can improve their daily productivity by 46% and increase overall energy levels.3 Flexible, dynamic workspaces can help change the way work is done.
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Move more and sit less to improve health and reduce pain

Employees who move more during the day are more energized, focused, and productive – and get other health benefits, too. In addition to burning more calories4, standing at work has been linked to reduced risk of certain types of cancer and heart disease5 , as well as fewer incidents of back pain.6
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Get the benefits of standing on a budget

VARIDESK makes it easy to get an active workspace without the price of renovation or installation. Our quality sit-stand products can be used with your existing furniture and are delivered fully assembled and ready to use , saving time and money.

Varidesk Sit-Stand SolutionsVaridesk Sit-Stand Solutions

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Risk Free

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Superior Quality

No wobble. No worries. VARIDESK standing desk solutions are durably designed for maximum stability.
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Positive Reviews

Sit-stand desks make a difference. Thousands of satisfied VARIDESK customers agree.
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