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over 14,000 5-star Reviews
over 14,000 5-star Reviews

The reviews are in, and customers all over the world are working happier and healthier. See why some of our lifelong fans feel VARIDESK is the best standing desk solution for them.

"I can attest to their quality, beauty, and superior functionality. My entire staff couldn’t be happier with your fine desks and accessories! "

Tom B

"I got my VARIDESK a few weeks ago and I could not be happier. It is a solid piece of furniture and looks great in my office… I am a huge fan. "


"Aesthetics and quality are exceptional… A far superior product to our past electric desks. "


"Have been using mine for about 6 months now. Love it! If you are thinking about buying one, stop thinking and do it. Also make sure you get the squishy floor mat, a perfect combination. "


"What I love about the Varidesk solution is that it offers the full up and down flexibility you need in a standing desk with a low price point and easy adoption. "

Larry Olmsted

"The quality of the materials are first rate, and I know this will be the last desk I own, (unless it is an additional Varidesk). "


"Before buying my varidesk my back, legs, and hips would be stiff and sore after sitting over 8 hours to work. Now my work day involves standing while working a couple hours each day. I have no more pain or stiff muscles. Very easy to raise and lower. Would highly recommend this. "


"The results on so many levels were unexpected and positive. "


"The Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric Standing Desk is super simple to use. Simply hold the up arrow to raise the desk to the desired height or hold the down arrow to lower it. "


"Want a happier, healthier, more productive workplace? Get moving. …active workspaces improve attention, increase individual cognitive function, and heighten overall productivity. "


"Varidesk’s simple design takes you from sitting to standing in just three seconds, requires no assembly and works with your existing furniture. Simply place your Varidesk on your table top, add your monitors, keyboard and mouse, and you’re good to go. "

Health & Wellbeing Magazine

"Varidesk’s Pro Desk 60 Electric is more stable in every direction than the Uplift or Jarvis, it’s the easiest to build of any standing desk we’ve tried, its motors are slightly quieter and the noise less noticeable than that of most desks, and it has good cord-management tools built in.
The ProDesk Electric’s motor made the least noise of any we tested, and our testers noted how smooth and quiet the leg motors were compared with the competition. "


"Get your office on its feet by offering standing desks. Varidesk offers an active workspace line of desks and office furniture that can create an active environment that can help your employees get in good shape. "

William Arruda

We Set The Standard for Quality
We Set The Standard

Our company is driven by the idea that with every product we make, we make your life better. We focus on providing high-quality, sit-stand products and workspace solutions that are safe, reliable, and built to last.

"It's the best I've found on the market. "


"Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is a worth it investment; compared to competing brands, it stable, sturdy and easy to use. One of the major selling points of Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is the fact that it is ready to use straight out of the box. All you need is to place it on your desk, place your monitor and your laptops…and you are good to go. "

Tech On The Go

"5 Stars all the way! "

Matt Aquino

"The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 came fully assembled and ready-to-go with no tools required. my workspace was transformed in seconds. The design is two-tiered and perfect for positioning my iMac on the upper riser, leaving the lower deck for my MacBook Air. And there was still room for lamps, candles, drinks and computer accessories. "


"But it’s not just weight loss that switching to a standing desk promises, standing desks are said to lower your blood pressure, increase your blood flow and reduce cardiovascular disease, all contributing to a boost in wellbeing. They are also known to reduce lower back pain and improve posture, ailments that can both occur when sitting at a desk incorrectly for long periods of time. One of these desks promising more than just a space to work is the Varidesk Pro Plus 36. "


"I can deliver a solution to my client very, very quickly. I don’t have to call in a bunch of installers – my team can actually move it around and set it up. "

Will Martin, Facility Executive

"My experience with Varidesk is everything they claimed it would be…I am very pleased with the purchase and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone else. "


"It is the best electric powered desk on the market that I am aware of. "


"This is truly one of the best things I’ve ever done for my workspace and for workplace wellness "


"Very strong, durable and high quality. Worth every penny. The other knock-off brands other stores are trying to sell just do not compare to the quality the Varidesk is/has. "


"This is by far the best desk for standing and sitting on the market! I have been using a standing desk for several years now and this brand and model made it so much easier for me to switch from standing to sitting. "

Tony Gray

"Best easy-to-assemble standing desk: Varidesk Pro Desk 60. Why you'll love it: For a high-end desk that assembles quickly and easily, Varidesk's Pro 60 Full Electric Standing Desk is no doubt the way to go. As for assembly, the Pro Desk really does make things as simple as possible. "

Business Insider

"Quick to Set Up, Fantastic to Use. If you want a terrific standing desk that doesn’t require a doctorate to assemble, you owe it to yourself and your office to check it out! The Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric delivers all that and assembles in under 5 minutes. The ease with which I was able to put it together is impressive, and the desk itself is a pleasure to use. The result is a clean look that is an appealing as it is functional. Varidesk made setup as easy as possible. "

Gear Diary

Standing Desk Reviews

VARIDESK reviews speak for themselves. We have fans all over the world using VARIDESK sit-stand solutions for their home offices, cubicles, and office redesigns. Want to compare which VARIDESK model is best for you? Visit our Buyers Guide to find your fit!

"Having a VARIDESK is integral to the wellness program. "

Dee Vega, Wellness Manager

"I’m excited about how our employees as well as guests and clients are going feel when they come into our facilities "

Richard Baker, Frontera Co-Founder and Partner

"I’m a big believer in the energy that you feel when everybody can talk to each other, see each other just sharing each other’s successes … and obviously bringing VARIDESK in is just an extension of that. "

Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks Owner

"Anything that we needed, the Varidesk team would think ahead of us. They over-delivered. "

Daymond John, Blueprint + Co CEO and Founder

"…Being sedentary is just as dangerous as being obese…Varidesk offers an active workspace line of desks and office furniture that creates an active environment that helps your employees get in good shape "


"The Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric Standing Desk is a great looking, solid, quiet, easy-to-use desk with plenty of desktop space and is well worth the $995USD asking price. The Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric Standing Desk is a very solidly constructed and very attractive looking desk. "


"If you haven't tried a standing desk yet I highly recommend Varidesk. You really cannot stand ALL day long. Being able to adjust this so easily makes this the best desk ever. "

David in Chicago

"I’ve found that using a VARIDesk helps to overcome tiredness and lack of energy by boosting my fitness level. If sitting causes back pain, this also allows you to readjust your posture and stand or sit to reduce back discomfort. "

Expert Health Reviews

"Companies such as VARIDESK are spearheading the standing desk movement…VARIDESK's offerings go beyond just standing desks to include a variety of standing mats, monitor mounts, and active seating. My colleagues love alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day, not to mention that the average employee can burn more calories by just standing for the first half of the day and support their posture in the process. "


"Companies are making changes to their office space and practices to create a more connective, engaging space for their employees. Adding to the energy is a new fixture that is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace: an adjustable desk that allows you to sit or stand. "

Thrive Global

"A Varidesk standing desk could transform wellbeing, productivity and office morale. "


"Just got my @Varidesk today, and even thought it’s only been a couple of hours. I understand why so many people love standing desks. "


"Just popped open my new adjustable desk from @Varidesk. Out of the box and up and running in minutes. Amazing! "


"On a scale of 1-5, these products are 5’s. They have exceeded my expectations by a wide margin! That makes the price all the more remarkable. As I have looked at the cost of other “elite” office furnishing providers, they cannot compete with VariDesk’s quality and innovative products, much less the price. I am VARI Happy! "


"My doctor and physical therapist both suggested looking into a standing desk. I researched the options and chose Varidesk because of the favorable ratings and reviews from satisfied customers and other industry reviews that rated this as a top choice. It was competitively priced, easy to install and works like a dream. It's become an integral part of my pain management plan. "

Mike F

A Higher-Quality Product Means a Better Workday

We made the first VARIDESK to help a friend with his back pain. It worked so well that we got a ton of requests to make more. Now, our line of sit-stand desks and active office products continues to grow, and our customers span the globe. We’re passionate about helping people get more done and feel better doing it.

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