The VARIDESK Difference: Active Seats

Ergonomic experts suggest that sitting isn’t the only culprit of backpain and standing isn’t the only fix – the best way to deter backpain is to vary your stance regularly. That’s why we created the VARIChair and VARIChair Pro, to empower you to fight backpain during your workday.

These chairs allow you to “perch,” meaning that you can lean against them, half-sitting, half standing, reaping all the feel-good benefits of your active lifestyle.

VariSpace Southlake Location

Check your form:

  • Sit forward, resting on the front part of the seat.
  • legs should be bent at a wide angle, with your feet firmly on the floor.
  • Your hips should be bent at a wide angle, too.
  • If your knees or hips are bent at right angles, your VARIChair is too low. Use the handle on the right to raise it for appropriate form.


You’ll notice that you must engage your core to keep a stable, comfortable posture. Resist the urge to slump! Only rest your seat on the front portion of the VARIChair – there’s no need to completely sit on top of it.

The cushioning can take a little while to break in – but expect it to stay firm and supportive. We designed it to hold up to lots of use, so that you can maintain healthy blood circulation and body control throughout the chair’s lifetime.

VariSpace Southlake Location

For those who crave a little more comfort and wider support, we suggest the VARIChair Pro. Not only does the leaning perch sport a stylish curved plywood back that’s been stained to a deep, dark espresso, but the seat features a wider seat with extra padding.

We designed this active seat to be a third option as you vary your posture through the day. Just as you wouldn’t sit or stand all day, this product is designed for occasional use. With the VARIChair, you can recharge after standing or give your back a break.