Product Spotlight: Is It Time For An Office Upgrade?

Fall is here and with the change of seasons, your tasks, to-dos and activities seem to pile up as quickly as the leaves outside. Between sending the kids back to school, work ramping back and weekends booked with tailgating and other fall activities, your plates are full.

With so much going on that demands your focus, it’s easy to let productivity slump. If you’re in a rut, it might be time for an office upgrade.

At VARIDESK®, we design products that work together to improve office life. When you utilize a sit-stand desk with accessories like monitor arms and a VARICHAIR®, your productivity can improve exponentially! Think of it this way – when your monitors are positioned so you don’t have to strain your neck, you’re standing at your desk and using a VARICHAIR to engage your core, there’s no way bad posture can creep back in.

VARIDESK Cube Corner 36

In this post, we’ll take a look at a few products that can upgrade your office this season and how they work together to ensure your productivity is better than ever.

If you’re working in a cubicle - and let’s face it, most of us are - we have the perfect solution for you. Our Cube Corner® 36 model blends productivity and comfort while maximizing an area with limited space.


This model is specifically designed to fit most standard-sized cubes, including corner setups. Additionally, this model features a two-tier design and generous working space so you have room for a keyboard, mouse and more.


Also a must in your new office setup, the VARICHAIR helps users both improve their posture and get the most out of their VARIDESK. The product maximizes comfort while engaging the core, back and legs so the user is supported and can focus on the task at hand.

The VARICHAIR also uses a special mechanism, an air-lift piston, to allow the user to stay sitting up straight while working and allows the user to change between sitting and leaning comfortably while standing.

VARIDESK Dual Monitor Arms

Rounding out your new office is the Dual Monitor Arm. Featuring a tension adjustment for effortless movement, this product is designed to fit nearly every desk and make the most of a two-monitor system.

With two fully articulating arms that hold up to 19.8lbs each, this accessory is designed to seamlessly fit into almost any workstation and is VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) compatible.

While each of these products is designed to provide individual benefits, using them together truly provides the biggest difference. Using the VARICHAIR at your new Cube Corner 36 provides the most posture assistance while the Dual Monitor Arm ensures you are never straining to see both of your monitors or twisting your neck in an awkward position.