96% of the Fortune 500 use VARIDESK

96% of the Fortune 500 use VARIDESK

VARIDESK® is in 96 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of saying that.

When we started VARIDESK, we weren’t sure where this journey was going to take us. We knew there was a need for our height-adjustable desk solutions and a need for a new way of doing business, but we had no idea VAIRDESK would become such a great company so quickly. From being named one of DFW’s best places to work, to being recognized by SMU as the fastest growing business in the area, we have enjoyed an incredible amount of success in just 5 years and we are only getting started.

Today, we have customers around the globe – in 121 countries to be exact – and at some of the most reputable and well-known companies worldwide.

What do Fortune 500 companies see in VARIDESK?

When a company invests in VARIDESK, they invest in an active workspace that helps improve their employees’ health and wellbeing. When an employee can utilize a sit-stand solution at work, they are healthier and happier. Happier and healthier employees are more productive, which in turn, helps the business’s bottom line. Everyone wins.

Fortune 500 companies produce top-quality products that make up two thirds of the U.S. GDP. They are growing and changing, and they need workspaces that can grow and change with them. They are led by the best of the best and they are recognizing the major shifts happening in the workforce. Millennials officially outnumber all other generations working today and smart companies know that recruitment and retention are key. They recognize that to continue their success, they must look after their employees’ wellbeing by building active, flexible workspaces that encourage productivity.

My goal is to have every company on the Fortune 500 list using a VARIDESK. We won’t stop dreaming up the most innovative, consumer-friendly products possible until we get there!

My Best,