Find Your Color

Find Your Color

From classic to contemporary to rustic, our furniture finishes can match the feel of any office and create a look that works for any industry. We don't overwhelm you with countless choices, because we know that sometimes simple is just smarter. Can’t decide what would be best in your space? Read a little more about each color and find inspiration in how we use each color at VARIDESK’s corporate office.

  • Black Serious and straight-forward, this color is true black. It’s perfect for a streamlined look, especially if your accessories are black, too. In the VARIDESK Headquarters, we’ve used this color to create executive suites and cozy areas for computer-focused individuals. It’s a classic.

  • White This color instantly opens up the workspace, allowing mental space for creativity and a sense of cleanliness. It’s great for individuals who like to see exactly how clean their area is – an occasional wipe down may be required, especially if you’re a coffee-ring artist! In the VARIDESK space, we’ve used it in those areas with a higher density of employees to make the room feel larger. For our creative teams, it’s served as airy inspiration.

  • Butcher Block For years, this has been one of our most popular woodgrain finishes. The warm tone and microscale of the finish make it an effortless choice. Butcher Block works beautifully in home offices or corporate workspaces alike. It’s our default color in the office – we especially love it in conference rooms and for collaborative benching: all places we like to encourage relational warmth.

  • Reclaimed Wood A recent hit, our reclaimed wood finish is a fashionable choice for home and corporate offices. The large scale of the wood print creates a rustic feel, and the multiple colors add interest. We especially love the way Reclaimed Wood pairs with cool greys – and why we feel it works so well in spaces with an industrial aesthetic. At our headquarters, it shines in conference rooms and in our industrial-chic breakroom.

  • Darkwood The most classic of the wood grain finishes, Darkwood makes itself at home in traditional, mid-century, or mod spaces. It’s warm like Butcher Block, but it sports a striking grain pattern and subtle elegance that sets it apart. Here at VARIDESK, we’re partial to the Darkwood finish in managerial offices.

Can’t decide on just one? We suggest using a different finish for each team. For an open-concept office, try delineating spaces by changing the finish. For example, you can use Butcher Block for your employees’ desks and Reclaimed Wood for the breakroom – it’ll create a subtle psychological difference while keeping things streamlined.

Find the finish for your space and shop our full office offerings below.