VARIDESK Prices: We Stand Behind Our Everyday Prices

Skip the search – you’ll never have to Google “VARIDESK coupon code”

The VARIDESK® was designed with everyone in mind, because we believe everyone deserves to be comfortable, healthy, and happy while working. From the classroom to the cubicle to the corner office, there’s a VARIDESK designed for you.

Because we believe that a better way to work is for everyone, we priced it to be affordable for everyone. Our sit-stand converters are an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of a standing desk without replacing your existing desk. And by shipping direct to our customers, we cut out the use of a distributor or middle man, allowing us to offer a straightforward and fair price on our products as well as build relationships with the people who use them. With VARIDESK, you always know what you’re getting – an incredibly well-built and easy to use product at a fair price.

The Value of VARIDESK

We’re much more than a furniture company – we want to be partners to our customers throughout their careers. We use our products in our office because we love having the flexibility to work the way we want and feel better doing it. We want that for everyone, and we think we’ve found the best way to make that happen.

First, we build all of our products to last. Each VARIDESK product is sturdy and made from professional-grade, durable materials including high-strength steel. This costs more to manufacture and deliver but lasts longer, providing value for years to come. Plus, our prices are fair and straightforward and include free shipping in the lower 48 states and free returns within 30 days of ordering. What does this mean for you?

  • We believe the price you see should be the price you pay. With free shipping, there are no surprise or additional costs.
  • We believe that if VARIDESK isn’t right for you, you shouldn’t have to pay to send it back. That’s why we offer free returns.

So, why do we work so hard to create value for our customers? The VARIDESK is your personal gateway to a more active, healthy office and life, and we know that when you try it in your home or office, you’ll love it. We stand behind our products, literally, and we believe in affordability and accessibility of an active office for all.

VARIDESK prices - simply passing the savings on to you

Don’t get us wrong – we don’t think “discount” is a dirty word. We can efficiently save money in our manufacturing with a guaranteed number of products sold and pass those savings on to you, which is why we offer a discount for bulk orders of 10 or more sit-stand products. You can save a percentage off your total when you order any 10 VARIDESK desktop solutions – you can even mix and match models to find the best setup for your office at the best possible price.