Coca-Cola Joins The Fight Against Sitting Disease

The benefits of adjustable height desks are finally beginning to be recognized by some of the most powerful corporations in the country. Just a few short years ago, stand up desks like VARIDESK were a rare sight in most companies – only the most cutting-edge, non-traditional workplaces used them. Now, some of America’s largest and most well-known employers are joining the fight against sitting disease.

For instance, Coca Cola recently featured this article on their website about the benefits of height adjustable desks and other non-traditional desk systems. Their Workplace 2020 initiative aims to renovate and re imagine Coca-Cola’s global headquarters in Atlanta. They envision a modern workplace that supports not only the physical health of their employees, but also the dynamic culture of their workplace. The director of the initiative says they want to implement “Open workstations, private huddle rooms, standing and treadmill desks – all of these may have a place in meeting the needs of a productive workplace that fosters collaboration, creativity and innovation.”

It seems that finally corporate America is waking up to what many younger, innovative companies have known for a while – adjustable height desks like VARIDESK lead to healthier, happier and more productive employees. Unfortunately, the reality of the corporate world is that often issues aren’t addressed until it becomes clear that they’re affecting the bottom line.

Once profits and productivity are affected, everyone begins paying attention! For whatever reason, corporate America is acknowledging the importance of height adjustable desks in preventing injury and promoting productivity. As noted in the article, they’re “not waiting for an individual to be injured but being proactive in getting workstations so its people can avoid the injury.”

The fight against sitting disease is growing day by day and we’re proud that VARIDESK is playing a leading role. If you think your company is ready to join in, check out these ideas on how to approach your employer about implementing height adjustable desks in the workplace. America’s companies are on the move, and the static workplace may soon be a thing of the past.