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VARIDESK Mat [+$50.00]


Introducing the VARIDESK a whole new way to work sitting down or standing up!

This revolutionary platform is affordable and easy to use, allowing you to work either sitting or standing. It's the perfect way to increase your energy, your health, and your productivity.

  • Fits most desks in any office or cube
  • Switches from sitting to standing position in just seconds
  • Ergonomic design adjusts to any users height
  • Spring-assisted lift
  • Built-in adjustable keyboard tray
  • Fully assembled; easy set-up
  • Free downloadable companion app for sit/stand alerts and calorie-burn counter
  • 36x23 Work Surface
  • Perfect for dual monitors or docking stations

This dual monitor version of the VARIDESK has a black top and will perfectly suit offices and homes alike.


Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating Fantastic Desk Enhancement!!!
The desk has made a fundamental difference for the better to both my productivity levels and well being at work. Not sitting around all day feels great!!!

Reviewed by from Harrogate, United Kingdom. - 4/24/2014
Rating Back Pain
This product was recommended to me by my Physical Therapist. I am 35 years old and have been dealing with chronic back pain for the last four months. I am getting my MBA online and sitting in front of my computer for hours was the final straw for my back. This product has allowed me the ability to stand or sit as I work on my classes. It is easy to adjust, and even though I have only had it about a week, it has made a noticeable difference in the amount of time I am able to spend on my assignments. My PT was right, this is a lifesaver!

Reviewed by from New York. - 4/24/2014
Rating Partner
This "desk" is the best. I looked all over and thought that a stand alone addition to my office (podium) of some sort was the way to go. But there were always issues...too tall...too short..not the right shade of wood. Nothing matched. But a review of Varidesk and it worked. It matches any office and it goes UP and DOWN. I dont always want to stand and i dont always want to sit. IT IS PERFECT. ALSO it comes fully assembled ....nothing to put together . All you do is unpack and BOOM you are standing. It really is the only product that does everything it is supposed to . I love it. So does my cardiologist.

Reviewed by from morristown. - 4/24/2014
Rating Exceeded my expectations
Got the Varidesk Pro shipped to my office and finally set it up today. No assembly required--just put it on my office desk and go! I placed my 22" LCD monitor and my laptop dock on the Varidesk so I can use both displays in any position. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse, so when in the standing position, I use the raised surface for those, and when in the sitting position, use the lower keyboard platform. It is VERY stable even in the full standing position; hardly any vibration while I'm typing. It raises and lowers VERY easily, with a real quality feel. I am a happy customer!

Reviewed by from Elyria, OH. - 4/23/2014
Rating Sr. Account Executive
Love love love...Standing while working makes you more confident, more alert, more productive...all while feeling good....Sitting sucks!

Reviewed by from Santa Barbara. - 4/23/2014
Rating Varidesk Pro
So far so good. I like the ease at which I can raise and lower the platform. It does shake a bit when typing but I tend to hit the key board pretty hard. It is very sturdy and the unit seems to be manufactured very well. I would give it five stars.

Reviewed by from Souther California. - 4/23/2014
Rating Business Development
the Varidesk Pro is a great addition to my office. adjustable levels in height make the Varidesk an easy to use and very helpful tool. I would recommend this to everyone that sits at a desk for more then a few hours everyday. Back issues are reduced dramatically and movement throughout the day is esssential to our health "The chair Kills". Only negative I found is that I dont have much use of the lower tier due to the lower cross support bar hitting my labtop docking station when in the sitting (closed) position however I still have room to store my notebook, stapler, and other small items next to the docking station so for that it works great. overall a great purchase, easy to setup and use. GREAT STUFF!!

Reviewed by from Pacific NW. - 4/23/2014
Rating Financial Manager
This desk has helped me with back issues and recover from an injury with my ankle. I would highly recommend this product. It has strengthen my back and legs as well.

Reviewed by from Texas. - 4/23/2014
Rating Should have done this years ago!
I really like my new Veridesk! My legs and core are getting stronger. I'm less restless and certainly more productive.

Reviewed by from Gig Harbor, WA. - 4/23/2014
Rating Director of Pharmacy
Excellent product and well received by the staff memebers using the Varidesk. Only issue is that the personal Veridesk I purchased at Christmas has the black covering along the FRONT edge of the tray that goes up and down is starting to separate slightly. There has been a lot of interest by others in the workplace and would like to know if you are considering a quantity discount. Thank you.

Reviewed by from Roper Hospital. - 4/23/2014
Rating Inside sales
The unit is very nice quality. The only thing I do not like is I can not see all of my key board when down

Reviewed by from Owatonna Minnesota. - 4/22/2014
Rating GM
I use to cram a full size NFL football in the lower lumbar region of my back when I sat at my desk. I would always wish there were a way I could stand and do my work to alleviate the back pain I experienced from two herniated disks. One day I stumbled across this bad a$$ desk and life hasn't been the same since!! Productivity is at an all time high! Sales are through the roof! Call volume is at max capacity! Im sweating excellence now! All because of this gem of a desk!!!

Reviewed by from Salisbury. - 4/22/2014
Rating Program Assistant
The VARIDESK PRO is an excellent product made of sturdy materials. We are extremely satisfied with the product and would highly recommend it.

Reviewed by from Richmond, VA. - 4/22/2014
Rating just what I was looking for
This is exactly what I was hoping for. I wanted something to put on top of my desk at work so that I could stand or sit, this is perfect for it. Easy to use and comes ready to go, just take it out of the box. It does keep your monitors kinda high when in a sitting position but I like it, my monitors raise up and down a lot so there's flexibility.

Reviewed by from cambridge, ma. - 4/22/2014
Rating Great product!
I love the Varidesk. It has really helped my back and posture by standing up. I feel more productive with my office work and it is very nice to be able to stretch out! The Varidesk is also very convenient if I decide to sit down. VERY EASY to set up and user friendly. I would recommend anyone to use this product if you want an "active" office setting. If you can get a wireless keyboard and mouse--it would make the transition from standing to sitting easier.

Reviewed by from Des Moines, Iowa. - 4/22/2014
Rating Review
Love this product, it save us the cost of higher cost desk risers, we had been buying, and we didn't have to do any construction to the desk. We now have a happy employee!

Reviewed by from 2390 E Camelback Rd Phoenix Az 85016. - 4/22/2014
We've purchased 2 Varidesk Pro Desks for our company and it's been the best purchase we've made this year. The quality and comfort of this product is exceptional. I recommend you purchase this product for your entire staff, worth every penny!

Reviewed by from LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. - 4/22/2014
Rating Director of Special Projects
I've had my standing desk for a whole week now and I'm a big fan. It took me a while to find the perfect height, though. When I had it lower (following what I thought were proper ergonomic guidelines), I started having some carpal tunnel issues. But I raised it and now my forearms are resting on the platform and my wrists are better. Although raising and lowering the desk is quite easy, I haven't figured out the optimal way to type in a seated position because I need more room to rest my forearms. So when I absolutely need to sit and type, I type on my iPad sitting at my regular desk. Is it the perfect solution? No. But am I spending all day on my butt now? No. This has been a good way to address my fidgetiness, and I get to stretch and fidget to my heart's content. One other thing: the set-up was super-easy. I literally put it on my desk, raised it, and it was good to go. No "insert rod A into flange B," or anything. One thing I haven't figured out is the Varidesk App. I tried it out one day, but when I needed to snooze it (say, because I wanted to stand for a few minutes more), for some reason instead of snoozing my "sit" break, when it prompted me again, it was for "stand" again. I'm sure it's just a bug, but I don't really need the app, so I just disable it in the morning. I use a Pomodoro app on my phone when I want to remind myself to sit or stand for a certain amount of time. All in all, big fan.

Reviewed by from Dallas. - 4/22/2014
Rating CIO
Better than expected! I have an all-in-one PC that is rather heavy and the stand has no problem at all taking the weight. Was using it 5 minutes after the box showed up at my desk. I find myself standing about 5 hours each day. So far, very good.

Reviewed by from Pleasanton, CA. - 4/21/2014
Rating Marketing Manager
I've only had the Varidesk Pro for a few days, but so far so good. Set-up was easier than expected. Just pull it out of the box and set it on your desk. No assembly at all. Combined with The Mat, the Veridesk has really transformed my workstation. I work part of the day standing, and part sitting. I imagine as my endurance for standing in place increases, I'll spend more and more time standing. As someone with adult ADD, I find that the Veridesk actually helps me stay focused, which is an unexpected benefit, though I don't know if this will be true for everyone.

Reviewed by from Salt Lake City. - 4/21/2014
Rating Accountant
Excellent product. Solid Construction. The adjustability is really nice. I have two 24" widescreen monitors. They just fit, not sure you could do bigger. Plenty of space for the keyboard and mouse, even a notepad or stylus-pad for drafting. Having the addition keyboard shelf is great when sitting and for a 6' person puts the screens right where they should be. I will say it looks a little nerdy, but the only thing it is missing is a cup holder.

Reviewed by from Florida. - 4/21/2014
Rating CFO
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this product. It looks professional and works just as it was promoted. I would recommend this product to anyone like myself who is struggling with back pain from time to time.

Reviewed by from South Carolina. - 4/21/2014
Rating Administration
I requested a stand up desk for my office since I sat 8 hours a days doing computer work. I have a medical issues with my hip and thought this would eleviate some discomfort. The EASE of this desk is amazing! From sit to stand effortlessly! I am very very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it for anyone! One thing that could be adjusted would be to allow for a corded keyboard. I have an ergonomic keyboard that they do not make anylonger so I don't want to replace...maneuvoring the cord is tricky but can be done. Thank you for creating this great option!!

Reviewed by from Manchester, NH. - 4/21/2014
Rating Best stand up desk!
Probably the best invention for those who enjoy standing up while they're working/prospecting! I'm the type who needs to be upright to keep my energy and this desk is by far the perfect match! Wouldn't trade it in for anything else on the market!

Reviewed by from West Fargo, ND. - 4/20/2014
Rating Love it!
Love it!! I am the envy of the office. In fact, a coworker order one for herself as soon as she saw it! Well made and easy to use. Thanks for making a product that is good for my physical and mental health.

Reviewed by from Tucson Arizona. - 4/20/2014
Rating Excellent Purchase
This desk was exactly what I was looking for. I am a programmer and work 9 hour days on the computer. Sitting for that length of time was really starting to take a toll on my legs and posture. Varidesk has saved me. I have only used it for a week, but find myself standing more than sitting. I would definitely purchase again.

Reviewed by from Binghamton, NY. - 4/20/2014
Rating Teacher
I bought the Varidesk Pro for my husband for his birthday. He loves it and has not stopped talking about it. He says it's very easy to adjust and loves the way it looks and the overall size of the desk. He has two monitors and they both fit nicely on the desk. His coworkers can't stop talking about it either. I'm also very pleased with the quality of the product. Would definitely recommend this the desk to friend and coworkers.

Reviewed by from Morristown, TN. - 4/20/2014
Rating Love my new desk!!
This is the best invention!! I was told by my doctor that I needed a standing work station and now I have the perfect one. It is convenient, offers several different heights and has plenty of working surface. I show it to everyone that has to sit at a desk for hours on end. Thank you!

Reviewed by from Spring. - 4/18/2014
Rating Awesome
Great product. So happy I purchased for my work space. Very solid and well made. Easy to move up and down. Several co-workers are very jealous!

Reviewed by from Buckner, MO. - 4/17/2014
Rating National Accounts Manager
Dear Varidesk , I have been standing now for over a year. I started with some boxes and a makeshift desk. At first I was standing and sitting. Now I only stand. It took about a week to get used to standing. My feet would get sore and my legs would get tired at fist. I had to change my shoes to smaller heals and flat shoes and I purchased a stress matt to stand on. Once my boss realized that I was not going to sit and I was serious about standing she bought me the Varidesk Pro. I have had my desk for about 6 months. I love it and I will never go back to sitting as long as I can stand. Its so easy to adjust and fits perfectly on my old desk. The surface is easy to clean and it looks great with my existing furniture. At first everyone in my office said I was crazy. Now over 10 people in my office have Varidesk's and are standing with me. Standing feels so much better. I used to get pains in my legs from sitting and had to get up and walk around the office to stretch and move. Now I just pause for a few seconds every so often to stretch right at my desk. I can work for longer periods of time on a project without needing a break. I also find that it helps with digestion and I have had less stomach discomfort since standing after lunch. Typically around 2:00pm every day I would get really sleepy and need caffeine to stay awake. I'm much more alert during that time of day now and I do not need caffeine. I would highly recommend this desk for anyone who works at a desk for over an hour a day. Sincerely , Darcy Daniels

Reviewed by from Altamonte Springs, FL. - 4/17/2014
Rating IS Business Automation Specialist
Found out about this product through a tech listserv. It is exactly as shown-out of the box, ready to use! It is super easy to raise/lower. Good quality material. I like the 'reminder' to sit/stand although I prefer standing. The mat is a must-have as well. VERY durable and comfy. I would like to see it a few inches wider and longer. Kinda tight with 2 24" monitors and a little narrow for keyboard/mouse and workspace. Definitely worth the $$ value!

Reviewed by from UW-Madison, WI. - 4/16/2014
Rating Facilities Manager
These have been well received by our office staff. we started with one Varidesk and are now up to six. We had one person try it and not like it. That unit got taken very quickly by another staff member...

Reviewed by from Brookfield CT. - 4/16/2014
Rating Recycled Water Coordinator
I have to say Varidesk is one of the most awesome products I have ever used! The product is very sturdy and durable, great construction! And extremely easy to use and transition from sitting to standing. Again it's just an awesome product! Thank you.

Reviewed by from Moulton Niguel Water Orange County, CA. - 4/16/2014
Rating Marketing Coordinator
This desk is a life-saver! After unexpected surgery to fix a herniated disk, I have to be able to stand and sit as is comfortable. This desk allows me to do just that quickly and with ease. The desk is incredibly sturdy and such good quality, too! I highly recommend the Varidesk for anyone looking for a stand to sit option!

Reviewed by from USA. - 4/16/2014
Rating Vridesk Pro
Wonderful product. Excellent packaging. Works perfectly right out of the box. Easily adjustable to any height. Sturdy workspace. Now standing 80% of the work day.

Reviewed by from Pittsburgh, PA. - 4/16/2014
Rating Resident Services Director
My VARIDESK Pro arrived shortly after my order in amazingly secure packaging. I was initially impressed with its weight and solid construction. It came out of the box ready-to-use and, once my monitors were placed on it, I was able to raise and lower the platform with ease. I wasn't exactly sure how I would feel doing computer work while standing, but the adjustment was pleasantly easier than I thought. Now I spend most of my computer time in a standing position (I get quite enough sitting at the many meetings that my position requires), and I actually feel more productive and organized when I stand. While initially a curiosity among my colleagues, many now want one for themselves.

Reviewed by from Las Vegas. - 4/16/2014
Rating Sales Manager
One of my best office purchases in many years! Standing has increased my energy level significantly, and frankly, I get more accomplished. I highly recommend the Varidesk. Quality, stability and ease of set-up have all exceeded my expectations.

Reviewed by from Livonia, MI. - 4/16/2014
Rating Feeling good
Bought 2 of these for people in my office and the both loved them. Just got this one for me, I wish I'd gotten it a long time ago. Just a great way to work.

Reviewed by from Marlton, NJ. - 4/16/2014
Rating Paralegal
I love my new sit-stand desk! Not even a full week yet and I feel better already, not to mention I am much more productive. I have more energy, and can focus better. I just seem to get more done. Some of my co-workers are envious so there may be more orders coming!

Reviewed by from Pittsburgh, PA. - 4/16/2014
Rating Facilities Manager
I like the fact that is a well-built product. It is sturdy and easy to adjust. It is very comfortable in the standing position, and we all know the benefits of working standing up. However, in the sit down position, it is not as comfortable. The keyboard can not go lower than the top of the work surface. This is generally not an issue for a tall person, but when someone is 5'2", that might be a very uncomfortable position. That being said, the main purpose of this product is to get people off their behinds and work standing up, and this product serves that purpose.

Reviewed by from Law Firm Workstation. - 4/16/2014
Rating Great product!
Very sturdy. Holds two monitors and keyboard with room to spare. Would definitely buy again.

Reviewed by from Oregon. - 4/15/2014
Rating Wonderful
I am the first in my office to use this Varidesk and have had lots of questions about it. I have nothing but positive things to say. We all know how sitting or standing too long is not good for the body, but with this I finally have the option. I personally choose to stand much more than sit but that could be just because I went so many years without the option to stand. I am sure that I will be ordering more of these for my co-workers very soon!

Reviewed by from Auburn, WA. - 4/15/2014
Rating Statistician / Data Technician
I love this desk! It easily moves up and down. I am tall and am comfortable at the highest extension of the desktop surface. I purchased the PRO so that it could hold my regular monitor, ipad, phone, desk phone and papers. I downloaded the sit/stand app and follow it probably 90% of the time. I also bought the mat - one drawback, don't wear heels while using it. Great Product!

Reviewed by from Volant. - 4/15/2014
Rating Administrative Assistant
We love the desk, it is very well made, it serves our purpose. Great product.

Reviewed by from 250 E elizabeth St harrisonburg, VA 22802. - 4/15/2014
Rating Administrator
I LOVE the VARIDESK Pro! It came ready to go out of the box, just as promised. It is easy to use and has a variety of heights it can adjust to. I'm only on day 3 and while my feet and legs are still adjusting (which is to be expected no matter what), I can already tell my enegery levels throughout the day have increased. I don't have my afternoon "crash" anymore and I'm overall more alert and energetic! I especially love that I can still sit down if I need to. Many of the desks I found during my research did not convert back and forth; if you went to standing, that was it. Bottom line, I LOVE this product and would recommend it to anyone!

Reviewed by from Anchorage, Alaska. - 4/15/2014
Rating Client Services Director
I ordered two Varidesks for my staff last week and I was impressed. They came within 3 business days, easy to install and my staff loves them! Thanks for making a great product and offering excellent service!

Reviewed by from Addison TX. - 4/15/2014
Rating IT Systems Administrator
We're very pleased with this height adjustable solution. Works as advertised, but does take a pretty significant footprint on the desk. Be sure to check you have the space and clearance before purchasing!

Reviewed by from Madison, WI. - 4/15/2014
Rating Building Superintendent
We have got two of these now and they are like very much. I know that I will be getting more of these as the benefit to stand or sit to work is a real good thing for some people.

Reviewed by from 4500 SW Research Way Corvallis OR. - 4/14/2014
Rating Accountant
I had searched for other desk risers which didn't offer the amount of work space Varidesk does and so glad I made the decision on this one! I love the standing to sitting option too. One thing to note, when you do lower the unit, you'll need a higher sitting chair as I noticed most chairs are not equipped to be at the hight when lowered. Love this product and would recommend it hands down to everyone!

Reviewed by from Austin, TX. - 4/14/2014
Rating Computing Support Specialist III
LOVE this product. There are days in my job that I sit a lot and days where I hardly see the office. In an attempt to defy the laws of aging and the effects of sitting all day in a chair, I requested and received the VARIDESK Pro. The ease of standing to sitting that this product provides is exceptional!! I am a very please customer. BTW, I am a female and 5'11. This product is perfect for my height.

Reviewed by from Delaware Tech Community College. - 4/14/2014

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